Ultimate Fitness Body and Workout – KARINA ELLE


Karina Elle Lisenbee is a fitness model, trainer, and a former cheerleader from Florida, US. She was named the most “in-demand” fitness model in 2014 by a popular magazine.
Being a competitive cheerleader and Cross Country runner for a majority of her life, Karina’s transition into fitness happened naturally. During college, she worked as a group fitness instructor. From there, her love for physical exercise only became stronger as the time went by.
Soon after she finished college, Karina devoted all of her free time to fitness. Where she begun competing in bikini shows. Over time, Karina became one of the most recognized female athletes in the sport of Bikini Modelling.
She eventually went onto win the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship, among many others.

HOLA MIAMI! 🐶💃🏽💕💪🏼☀️

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It’s not about being the hottest, it’s about being the happiest. And looking after myself is how I achieve that every day. Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. But the body that makes me feel the best is a fit one, knowing I am strong, capable, and empowered #fromtheinsideout. 💗 . Not for a boy, or a show, or a vacation, or a photo shoot. Those are all impermanent, short term goals and the relationship we have with ourselves is for life. I do it for karina to feel good about karina… so she can travel and dance and meet people and be a little crazy and live her best life. Ayyy! 💃🏽 . When you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin it opens your world to endlesssss possibilities of connection, love and joy. And that’s what it’s all about! Feel good, do good, repeat every day for maximum happiness gains. #endorphingasm #HIITitandquitit @gymshark

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