Seven Workout Ideas For Girls


BEACH WORKOUT🌴🐬🏝 Bahamas edition. Tag your vacation frienddd! Summer Body Plan got me feeling amazing for this vacation!

How it works: Before you get started with the nine-move outdoor workout, warm up with at least five minutes of power walking or light jogging. Perform each move for the prescribed time or number of reps. Then wipe off your sweat and consider one of the other outdoor workout ideas below.

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Twice as fun working out with a friendie!! (As you can clearly see in the first clip lmao @paigehathaway squeeze meeee!) No equipment needed (except a friend lol) perfect for vaca!! SWIPEYYY!! 👋👉 Do 3 rounds (per person) of every exercise as many reps as you possible can! Challenge and motivate each other! TAG your gym bestie 🤼‍♀️💗. ▪️ Hanging sit-ups VS trying to keep balance lol. ▪️ Split squat VS Static squat ▪️ Hand clap sit ups ▪️ Burpees ▪️ Plank VS squat jumps ▪️ Single leg glute bridge – I mean have you even seen me do a workout without a glute exercise? Doubt it LMAO!! Sorry for the constant gum chewing I must have been nervous being this close to the one and only @paigehathaway 😩🙌 (She’s so nice!!)

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8 LUNGE VARIATIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW! Arguably one of the best compound movements there is but did you know about all the variations and different weight distributions? Whilst they are all essentially the same move and will work the same group of muscles, where you hold the weight simply determines what muscle gets more load and is targeted more. Combine that with an understanding of foot positioning and ROM and you will definitely be able to tweak your training to target exactly the muscle you want. Try out these variations and see where you feel them more! -Walking Barbell lunge -Walking overhead lunge -Walking Dumbbell lunge -Jefferson lunges -Forward alternating lunges -Jumping alternating lunges -Lunge pulses -Reverse Dumbbell lunges (Pretty safe to say I don’t want to do lunges for another year after recording this video haha, only joking, lunges have never been my favourite but with so many different variations to chose from it can be fun!) ———- ‎انواع تمرين ال'لنج' ‎تمرين اللنج ما اهم التمارين للارجل و كمان الجسم بشكل عام لانه يعتبر من التمارين المركبة، يعني تمرين يستخدم اكثر من مجموعة واحدة من العضلات في نفس الوقت. ‎تقدري تمسكي الوزن بأكثر من طريقة و الفرق فقط توزيع الوزن / نسبة الضغط على العضلات و اي عضلة تنفعل اكثر لانه عليها ضغط اكثر. ‎كمان تقدري تغيري مكان رجولك عشان تتحكمي في توزيع الوزن. (الوقفة الواسعة تضغط اكثر الى الارداف) و اكيد كمان نطاق الحركة. – – – – – #lunges #lungesfordays #legday #legs #quads #hamstrings #glutes #compound #training #bodybuilding #muscle #bbg #isymfs #gym #weights #dumbbells #barbell #workforit ‎#لنج #تمرين #تمرين #نادي #فتنس #كمال_اجسام #حديد #دمبل

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hamstring and boooooty HIGH INTENSITY leggggggie day 😛😅💦 Don’t forget to double tap 💙 been so much happier with my workouts now that I’m incorporating supersets again!! woooohoooo quick, effective and more time for sunshine outside of the gym 1️⃣ 3 sets of 8 reverse lunges into split stance straight leg DL hehe this is a weird movement but focus on working the front straight leg 2️⃣ 3 sets of 10 3/4th banded squats, pop right up after you lightly tap your bum… into 12 with no weight for a nice lil burn out hehe 3️⃣ 3 sets of 8 sumo DL’s into single leg hamstring press Wearing @gymshark ombré set 💙 DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS?! Gymshark is turning 6 and having a MASSIVE sale starting Monday!! Including a discount on this set hehe more details to come Song is Take It Back by Shaylen #fitnessmotivation #workout #legday #legworkout #bootyfordays #bootybootybooty

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Save & Double Tap 🖤 This Dumbbell Only Workout can be done at home or the gym! 🤗🍑This is one of those workouts that work every booty muscle without any complicated machines! I’m using 1 dumbbell 💁🏼‍♀️ TAG A FRIEND 👯‍♀️ – – – SPANISH * Salva & Like 🖤 Este entrenamiento con una pesas solo se puede hacer en casa o en el gimnasio! 🤗🍑 ¡Este es uno de esos entrenamientos que trabajan todos los músculos de los glúteos sin máquinas complicadas! Estoy usando 1 pesa! TAG UNA AMIGA 👯‍♀️ . . . BootyCamp Guides 1-3 available for $30.00 & Home BootyCamp for $15.00 visit link in bio or ** . . Music| Original Bad Bunny Wearing | @cls_sportswear Top @cleoharper_activewear . . . . #dianaruizfit #yourfavoritefitlatina #glutes #fitlatina #fitfam #BootyGoals #lululemon #bootyworkouts

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