Booty attack – favorite workouts for the buttocks


Favorite workouts for the buttocks 🍑☝🏾 I usually train glutes with hamstrings , however if you want a separate glutes day you can add these onto your plan!

FACT: Saturday’s are not for the boys. they’re 4 the 🍑 OKKKK save and try my go-to moves to add into a leg day – these keep the heart rate high, get the blood pumping, and help you leave the gym with a solid belfie post workout. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ ainntt maddd. SAVE 🔐 , LIKE ❤️, and TAG a friend!! ⬇️⬇️ 💛 smith machine pin squats 💛 banded hip thrusts 💛 KB swings 💛 banded kickbacks 💛 1/2 RDL • I have to say, I’m feeling like 💩 to be out of the gym right now 😭😭 – looking back at these videos have me in my feels wanting to get a sweat on, get my heart rate up, and keep building! 💪🏽 BUTT, I’m almost there, and it’s worth recovering properly – at least I can get some cardio in for now. 💦 What are your guys physique goals right now!? 🧐🧐👇🏽👇🏽 – My goal is to feel CONFIDENT in my body where it’s at, and learn to readjust to weight gain. 💜 I’m human too, and being virtually inactive while recovering and being post show can be a struggle, mentally. But, I GOT DIS! It shall pass. ☀️ – 👚: @lululemon leggings / @alphapackfitness crop / 🍕 socks #sockqueen 💊: @bodybuildingcom supps code “DBFT” #teambodybuildingcom #workoutoftheday #workoutvideos #ifbbpro #recovery #workoutvideo #workoutqueen #bootywork #gymgirls #sockgame #legdayworkout #quadzilla

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🍑 Booty attack 😂 Clearly getting synced with @peterbarron13 was a struggle today 🤣🤣 This workout targets your lower body and we incorporated weights & cardio to make you guys sweat even more 🙊💦💪🏽 (in other words, you’ll be destroyed after this one ☠️😬🤪) ⚠️ use challenging weights (as an indication, I used 12kg for the first two exercises, 6kg for the third and 2x2kg for the last one) ⚠️ the first 2 are done in supersets (both exercises are shown in the same clip each time) so you’ll do all reps of the first one and move on to the next one straight away ⚠️ 30 second rest between each exercise (except the first that are done in superset 🤓) ⚠️ repeat 3-4 times 1️⃣ 10 squats into 10 jump squats 2️⃣ 8 static lunges into 8 runners lunge each leg 3️⃣ 15 kettlebell/dumbbell swings 4️⃣ jog on the spot (10 steps) into 1 burpee, 10 reps (1 rep = 10 steps + 1 burpee) 👯‍♀️ wearing @vqfitwomen 😍 🎶 Move your body – @kninek #vqfit #dubaifitfam #dubaifitness #partnerworkout #workoutmotivation #mydubai #bootyworkout #cardioworkout #peterandzoe #fitfrenchies #fitfam

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Happy Sunday family! Double tap & Tag your workout partner! Try these exercises really effective for your Legs & Glutes. 1️⃣Single Leg Deadlift (Hamstrings, gluteus, adductor) 2️⃣Kettlebell Deadlift – Wide stance (Hamstrings, glutes, lower back) 3️⃣Plie Kettlebell Squat (Quadriceps, abdominals, calves, hamstrings) (4x 12 reps)(Video is sped up) . . . I drink my Candy Watermelon 🍉 BCAAS during and after my workouts to help with muscle recovery. Use code HEIDY to save 20%OFF @1upnutrition #1upnutrition . . Workout Guides, Customized Meal plans, Glute Bands & apparel are available at WWW.HEIDYESPAILLAT.COM 💕 . . . Feliz Domingo Familia! ESTOS EJERCICIOS SON BIEN EFECTIVOS PARA PIERNAS Y GLÚTEOS. Etiqueta a tu amiga!! Pueden hacer (4X12)

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Double Tap & Save 💜 Currently on vacation right now! Missing the gym 😭😭 buttttt here are 3 great Maximus exercises for the glutes 🍑 . 1️⃣First one can be done in a leg extension machine or the hamstring curl machine like I’m showing you here! . 2️⃣Banded Squats can be done without the band, but I add it for more glute isolation! Make sure you squeeze when you come up. . 3️⃣Last one has been growing on me I use to not do to much hip thrust, but I’m incorporating it more let’s see if it really changes my glute growth 🤔 Make sure you hold it on top for 3-5 seconds! (Videos are sped up) Don’t forget to tag a friend 👯‍♀️ _________________________________________ SPANISH* Like Y Sálvalo 💜 Actualmente estoy de vacaciones! Extrañando el gimnasio, pero aquí hay 3 ejercicios de Maximus para los glúteos 🍑 . 1️⃣El Primero se puede hacer en una máquina de extensión de pierna o en la máquina de hamstring curl como te lo estoy mostrando aquí! . 3️⃣Banded Squats se puede hacer sin la banda, ¡pero lo agrego para más aislamiento de glúteos! Asegúrate de apretar Arriba! . 3️⃣La última ha estado creciendo en mí. No hacia demasiado empuje de cadera, pero la estoy incorporando más. Veamos si realmente cambia el crecimiento de mis glúteos. Asegúrate de mantenerla arriba durante 3-5 segundos! No te olvides de etiquetar a un amiga 👯 . . . . Build your Booty with my BootyCamps only $30 visit link in bio or . . . Music| te bote Leggings | @cutebootylounge Red long band @thexbands . . . #dianaruizfit #yourfavoritefitlatina #glutes #fitlatina #fitfam #BootyGoals #lululemon #bootyworkouts

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GLUTE WORKOUT I stumbled across this gym and it turned out to be glute heaven! I thought I had seen all the glute machines there were but I was wrong! (Check the clip second to last) I did a mixture of high reps/low weights and low reps/heavy weights because I feel that’s what gets me the best results. Here’s what I did: -Straight leg kick backs 4×20 -Standing donkey kicks 4×8 -Standing adductors 4×20 -Standing abductors 4×20 -Machine kickbacks 4×8 -Machine donkey kicks 4×8 ———- تمارين ارداف بالصدفة لقيت هذا النادي و طلع عندهم اجهزة ما قيد شفتها في حياتي! (الفيديو اللي قبل الأخير) المهم عملت نص التمارين بوزن خفيف و تكرار عالي و نص التمارين بوزن ثقيل و تكرار واطي عشان احس كذا اقدر اجيب احسن النتائج بالذات مع هذي العضلة. – – – – – #glutes #glutesworkout #workout #training #lowerbody #fitness #ارداف #حديد #نادي #جيم #تدريب #فتنس #تمارين_ارداف

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