Best abs workouts and core workout for women.


Hot Abs Workout 💦 If you are limited on equipment this is a killer. You can even do this at home grab something challenging and get it done.


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🍑 READ BELOW 🍑 Tag someone who wants to make 2019 the BOOTY YEAR 🙊 EVERYDAY this week is take 5-10 minutes when you wake up or when you’ve been sitting for a while and do some of or all the exercises shown in the video 🚨 🍑 Why? Because it’s key to start with the foundations and especially if you STRUGGLE TO FEEL IT IN YOUR GLUTES and often feel it in your quads 🍑 Long story short, this often happens because due to our lifestyle (= spending so much time sitting) our glutes become lazy and kind of shut down so other muscles have to compensate – like your quads or lower back 🍑 This is where GLUTE ACTIVATION comes in handy You’ve probably seen it all over social media, saying that you should do it before your legs workout, which is true 🍑 BUT you should also do it on your days off to learn to use your glutes during your daily activities as well ⚠️ don’t try to go as fast as possible but focus on your form ⚠️ focus on using and squeezing your glutes on each repetition ⚠️ don’t be afraid to try different stances/feet placement/angles . . . Credit @zoehappyfit #Fitness #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #workout #workoutvideo #gym #bodybuilding #aesthetics #healthy #girlswholift View all 155 comments

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CoreTASTIC it's a fantastic day to be alive ! Why because I'm doing a massive giveaway until the release of the student plan AND I'm laying in bed now watching game or throne 🤷🏽‍♀️ ALSO I have a slight obsession with the introduction song to Narcos hence why it's in my video 😂 Method: 1. Side plank curl 20 reps each side 3 sets 2. Plank with side to sides 40 reps 3 sets 3. Bent leg laying side to sides 40 reps 3 sets (20 each side) 4. Plank with sliding plate 30 reps 3 sets (15 each arm) 5. Tucks 30 reps 3 sets LESSS GOOOO 🙋🏽 Don't forget to comment Brains&Body to win the student guide, meal plan and tone and sculpt plan 😱✨ Song: Rodrigo Amarante #workoutmotivation #abs #abworkout #motivation #fitfam

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